YLab Studio

We know that systems change begins by imagining what the future could be.

Storytelling plays a vital role in tapping into the collective narratives people share. YLab Studio works to centre young people in the narratives of their future and equips them with the tools to produce and distribute their work.

The lowdown

YLab Studio is a team of young creatives working as Associates at YLab. We work in the following fields, across a variety of different mediums:

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  • Documentary

  • Bespoke event coverage

  • ‍Short narrative

  • Storytelling

  • Animation

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  • Report design

  • Graphic design

  • Illustration

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  • Experienced events coordinators

  • Impact storytelling bootcamps


  • Storytelling training

GivING young people agency to define their own narratives

Young people are traditionally excluded from driving their own narratives. By working with YLab Studio you're allowing young people to take ownership of their own stories. We see the importance in forging this space in order to listen directly to young people about the changes they wish to see.

We're breaking down the barriers young creatives encounter in the filmmaking & creative production sphere.


YLab Studio has the capability to produce documentaries about the work you’re doing and the impact you’re making. We tell stories to inform, engender empathy and convert audiences from view to do.


YLab Studio has the skills to pull together insights and stories that defy the possibilities of filming (and physics). Enter the world of animation. Where storytelling has no limits.

Event coverage

YLab Studio can cover events in bespoke fashion to translate vibe, aesthetics & brand. We hate repetitive formulas. So make our videos distinct, every time.


Exploring truth through story has a way of pinching the heart and wiggling their way into memory. Stories run deep in our ability to connect, react and remember. They’re not constrained by objectivity, which makes them doubly fun.

YLab Studio has the capabilities to run storytelling bootcamps to explore, build and capture stories an individual or a group is burning to tell.

Found footage

Lover of Ken Burns’ docos? Using archived footage and clear messaging, this essayistic form can inform, inspire and influence audiences.

graphic design and illustration

We offer a variety of visual solutions, offering services in graphic design, infographics, illustration, branding and publication design.

Our team

Amy Marks

Producer, Videographer & Audio Producer

Lien To

Content & Communications Support

Lifi Hakim

Graphic Designer

Lucinda Walravens

Content & Events

Luke Nichol

Copywriter & Editor

Marta Malchevski

Cinematographer, Editor, Producer & Director

Mimi Field

Cinematographer, Editor, Producer & Director

Nina Sepahpour

Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Visual Artist

Ruby Healey

Graphic Design, Web Design & Communications Support

Scobie McKay

Filmmaker & Journalist

Sophie Grantford

Videographer & Editor

Yerusalem Ghebray

2D Animator & Illustrator

Like what you see?

We'd love to chat with you about how we can collaborate. If you'd like assistance from YLab Studio on your next project, get in touch with us via our contact form.

Storytelling has the power to engender support for systems change