what we offer

We are working to build a workforce of young people thriving in the gig economy, bringing fresh perspectives, to redesign the future.

We tackle inequality by placing young people with different lived experiences and technical expertise at the centre of re-generating institutions in every sector and every system.

Work with us

Co-design and facilitation

Using our skills in co-design and facilitation, we bring our Associates, young people with diverse lived experience, and clients together to solve complex problems. By placing young people at the heart of issues, policies, and systems that directly affect them, we make sure the outcome is stronger and the impact is greater.

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Training and Learning 

YLab has developed a suite of face-to-face and online learning content that we can tailor to your organisation’s needs. We have also created YLab Learning, an online learning hub with over 10 hours of content.

Creative Services

YLab Studio delivers high quality video, digital content, and other creative products created by skilled YLab Associates. View our work here.

First Nations

We provide a self-determined platform for young Mob to be agents for change in shaping new systems that centre First Nations people and cultures. Our First Nations Associates lead, design, and facilitate projects that make a transformative impact on their communities, Australia, and the world.

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We provide immersive, relevant, and practical learning experiences to help young people design the future. We equip them to implement strategies across systems and within organisations.

Research and insights

YLab’s work is backed by the Foundation for Young Australians New Work Order research series which looks at the major forces affecting the future of work, young people and our systems. We harness research and data insights to better engage young people. By determining what young people want and need in workplaces, local communities, government and education. 

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