The Future Online Partnership

Plan International


The Youth Futures Online Project was designed to advance research and advocacy efforts for girls and young women in the online space globally. Plan International partnered with YLab to support the youth engagement process which involved over 30 young people from Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia. YLab involvement was to balance language barriers and facilitate online connections between the young people to achieve the project’s objectives.

What we did

We delivered a series of co-design workshops to the cohort of young people, implementing language translation tools on Zoom to address communication barriers. The workshop insights informed our deliverables which included a set of recommendations, a report and an advocacy campaign that reflected the input from the young people and was taken forward by the advocacy team at Plan International.

Throughout the project, YLab incorporated feedback from participants to create an experience that was centred on young people and helped integrate their feedback into Plan International's ongoing Youth Activist Series.


A significant impact of the project was the global connections facilitated between the young people across three different time zones, speaking three different languages. The report and recommendations produced continue to be implemented by different stakeholders. The advocacy campaign that followed turned the report into action.

The feedback garnered from our youth engagement has informed subsequent Youth Activist Series programs and has been integrated into Plan International's ongoing work, leading to greater ownership and accountability being transferred to young people.

Watch the video interview with Gbonmi about the project here:

The team

We brought together a team of Associates and a Director, who came together to design with a background of diverse lived experience and expertise.

with Gbonmi Olubodun.