Data for Good Hackathon

Wyndham Tech School & Australian Computer Society


In 2021, we partnered with Wyndham Tech School and the Australian Computer Society to address the challenges faced by young people due to prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns, particularly high school students who were struggling with social isolation and disrupted learning. The project aimed to respond to the challenges faced by these students by enhancing their learning experience and encouraging social cohesion.

What we did

We facilitated a one-day co-design sprint called the Data For Good Hackathon, aimed at reinvigorating the classroom atmosphere. Students participated in a hands-on experience to create a digital solution that improved community connection and social cohesion. Using Adobe XD, a vector based user experience design tool, students created app prototypes responding to the question "How might we create a full-purpose digital solution that enhances community connection and social cohesion?"


The Hackathon provided students with tangible skills in co-design, user experience and problem solving that they could apply in other settings. In a survey conducted post-Hackathon, 100% of the respondents felt more confident using co-design elements to create digital solutions and expressed interest in being involved with a similar activity in future. In addition to this, 90% of respondents stated that they would consider a career in S.T.E.M.

The program's success has led to its integration into Wyndham Tech School's suite of programs and has shown the potential to grow and be scaled for other schools.

Watch the video interview with Reana about the project here:

The team

We brought together a team of Associates and a Director, who came together to design with a background of diverse lived experience and expertise.

with Reana Cazar.