Brimbank Youth Jobs Strategy

Brimbank City Council


The rate of unemployment among young people in Brimbank is at an all-time high. In the development of a strategy to support career and work paths, Brimbank City Council identified a key missing element in their policy design process – young people. 

Young people are rarely involved in the decision-making process for services and policies that directly affect them. We provided a novel and innovative approach by engaging them in the design and development of the Brimbank Youth Jobs Strategy. This was co-design in action - a strategy made for young people, by young people, and the community that supports them.

What we did

The Brimbank Youth Jobs Strategy was co-designed with the people most impacted by it. Young people’s diverse lived experiences brought unique perspectives to the strategy’s development and ensured its relevance to the young people of Brimbank.


Through co-design and facilitation, we worked with Brimbank City Council to bring young people with diverse lived experience to the table and guarantee their representation throughout the policy’s design and development. We collaborated with local young people to ensure shared decision-making power and governance over the project.

The team

We brought together a team of Associates and a Director, who came together to design with a background of diverse lived experience and expertise.