Lorraine Ngwenya


Senior Associate

Co-designer & facilitator with a focus on ensuring young people have key involvement in systems change.

Lorraine is a lover of using human-centred design approaches to change systems, ensuring they can work for all. She is most passionate about changing education systems of the world to be more equitable and equip young people to be future-ready. She specifically focuses on coaching and designing alongside young people to improve mental health care systems, think of ways to be climate change ready and ensure that the future education system in Australia is one that young people can thrive in. Lorraine founded a business called Useful Link (2016-2020), which looked at equipping young people with the skills they needed to thrive in the world of work. She was awarded the Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award—Channel 7 Young Achievers Award for this work in 2019. She is currently learning to take the courage to be bad at something new so she can be great at it later.

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