YLab NSW Co-design Challenge

Although NSW in comparison to Victoria has not suffered a COVID-19 second wave, significant challenges remain for young people in the state. With experts warning of a looming mental health crisis compounded by the effects of the pandemic on the future opportunities of young people, we wanted to explore the most pressing health and wellbeing issues that are impacting young people in NSW right now, to develop innovative solutions to these challenges.

Over the course of September, the YLab NSW co-design challenge brought together a diverse group of young people to do just that. Through online workshops and phone interviews, the diverse perspectives and experiences of these young people contributed to exploring the root causes of key issues and developing real-world prototypes of solutions with the potential to create long term change.

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THe Problem

Drawing on their lived and technical experience, participants identified 3 key problem areas as being at the heart of the health and wellbeing challenges faced by young people in NSW:

Lack of access to primary healthcare services 

Lack of practical education and training opportunities

Lack of holistic youth-centric healthcare services and resources

THe Prototypes

To address these problem areas, participants were guided through the process of turning their ideas into viable solutions, to produce 4 distinct prototypes. These solutions were created by young people, for young people and are ready to be implemented in collaboration with Government, business or community partners.

My Health Pathways

An education program aimed at young adults to teach them about how the Australian healthcare system works, paired with an online healthcare management program to give young people more autonomy over how they access support.

The Purpose Project

A series of workshops aimed at young people aged between 16-25, to teach skills such as self-awareness of values and strengths and tools for looking after your own mental and physical well being.

The Business Link

An online platform for young people to find out what the key values of different businesses are and what their pathways are to meaningful employment.

The Youth Health Portal

A website that is tailored to help young Australians quickly and easily find information regarding what healthcare support is available to them, and what’s involved in accessing that support.

The Process

In the midst of a global pandemic, new ways of working and connecting were necessary. Following on from YLab’s Victorian online co-design challenge pilot, we refined the online co-design methodology, to better connect diverse young people in order to explore key issues, build solutions, and give them valuable transferable skills.

Illustrated icon of two hands shaking

We recruited 7 diverse young people from across NSW and the ACT to participate in the challenge and be paid for their time.

Illustration of four people taking part in a workshop, gathering around a board with several sticky notes stuck to it.

To take part in 3 online workshops and conduct 11 phone interviews, based around YLab’s methodology for conducting online co-design.

During which they explored complex health and wellbeing issues and designed solutions to address them.

All the while increasing their confidence in skills for the future of work such as problem solving, teamwork and creative thinking
...Without ever being in the same room.

Participants were led through this process by YLab associates; young people aged 18-30 recruited based on their diverse lived experiences and disciplines and trained in consulting, co-design and skills for the future of work. 

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Over the month of September, we at YLab ran a co-design challenge with young people from across NSW and the ACT. We explored the health and wellbeing challenges young people are currently facing, working with those affected to create 4 solutions!
To see our findings and check out the solutions, view the report here! (https://www.ylab.global/nsw-codesign-challenge).

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