about us

YLab is a co-design and consulting social enterprise that brings young people with diverse lived experiences and partners together to tackle society’s most complex challenges. Since 2016, we have engaged 120 young people as YLab Associates and a further 6,241 young people in co-design and decision making projects across Australia.

Clients hire YLab when faced with a youth engagement challenge, or a challenge that requires youth-led innovation. We match young people with lived experience to the problems your organisation is trying to solve.

We are imagined by the Foundation for Young Australians and certified by Social Traders as a social enterprise.

the Ylab model

At YLab, we’re committed to doing things differently. We see our impact not only in the project work we do with our partners but also in providing meaningful, legitimate employment and skill development opportunities to the young people in our network, our YLab Associates.

YLab has an active community of 70 YLab Associates who have diverse lived and technical expertise. They bring this expertise to our work and undeniably add the greatest value to what we do. They intimately understand the problems we're trying to solve because they’re structural challenges they face in their own lives.

This means they hold unique perspectives on the patterns of the systems YLab works within and the innovative solutions required to improve systems and practices. Our model is to provide meaningful employment - and coaching, and capability development for the YLab Associates.

what we offer

We’ve built a workforce of young people thriving in the gig economy, bringing fresh perspectives, to design the future. 

We tackle inequality by placing young people with different lived experiences and technical expertise at the centre of regenerating institutions in every sector and every system.

Work with us

Our People

We bring people together with different lived experience and diverse technical expertise.